This painting was the class project for the 'Freedom to Freehand' class of the Airbrush Art Circus in San Antonio, September 2017.  The class was taught by Ryan Townsend and Steve Gibson and is a wonderful aid to any aspiring airbrush artist.

Not all current projects can be shown 'in process' for several reasons, but those shown here can be shared to show what's on the easel at Warbird Airbrush studio.  Also look for 'Airbrushing Billy the Kid' on YouTube for a step-by-step approach to a unique project reproducing the Billy the Kid photograph using different techniques with the airbrush:  https://youtu.be/B3TYG1W1l5Y

A .50 caliber ammo can being painted with yellow & black stripes as well as a B-29 on either side.  Other ammo cans will feature other types of World War II aircraft.

​airbrushed art

Honoring the recent 24 hours of LeMans and Porsche's history there with painting a 917 in Gulf colors on an external hard drive.

Long before I had an airbrush this image captivated me.  I read 'Giant' in high school (it was not assigned) and who doesn't like James Dean?

This is a monochromatic painting using only Createx Illustration Burnt Sienna.  All freehand techniques here too.