My interest in airbrushing began in earnest when I was racing sports cars.  Most drivers bought a factory-issue helmet and left it eggshell white.  When a good helmet paint job can cost as much as the helmet, that's understandable.  But I thought, "If I paint the helmet myself with my own design . . ."

And so it began.

Practice helmets were collected from every source: donation store, re-cycled sporting goods stores, friends whose helmets were past expiration and needed replacing, garage sales, and so on.

Then I painted other things: camouflage patterns on 1/48 scale aircraft, 1/20 models of Formula One cars, my son's Pinewood Derby cars for Cub Scouts; all the usual lot.  My favorite work at the time was a catcher's mask I painted for my nephews in Oklahoma.​​

​airbrushed art

Welcome to WarbirdAirbrush.com!

This website is a showcase for my airbrushed art whether it is vintage warbird noseart, pin-ups, helmets, portraits, or other.


Over the years I have developed my talent, gotten first rate instruction from top notch artists Alan Pastrana, Rob Churchill,

Steve Gibson, Ryan Townsend and others at week-long airbrushing seminars, read Airbrush Action magazine, watched YouTube videos, and joined Facebook groups - many of whose members were happy to share their knowledge and technical information.

Warbird Airbrush financially supports the continued airworthiness and restoration of WWII warbirds including the Commemorative Air Force (CAF); 'Doc,' the recently restored and flying B-29 SuperFortress, and the B-25 'Berlin Express' currently under restoration at the Weeks Hangar of the EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Keep 'em flying!